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Metagraph is an artist led studio collective based at Cherry Block on the Bristol Estate. Brighton. We make art and support community arts projects, open to Bristol Estate Residents - we are part of Bristol Estate Art Studios.

Our Art & Craft community workshops are based on our commitment to opening arts access to the community providing free or low cost opportunities to any resident interested in visual arts. 

Area interests include: painting, print, collage, drawing, local ecology, regenerating found materials, promoting shared resource (equipment, materials, skills, knowledge) opportunities, Artist Support Meetings and community workshops and events.


We believe accessible and shared group resources benefit the community as a whole. We believe learning new or building on existing skills, in a community setting is valuable. We enjoy events that help people get to know each other as well as share and learn new skills together. We look to reuse, repair and recycle; we want to keep products and materials in use for as long as possible before they are recycled. We look at the natural resources available and how resources might be used to better benefit the community, for example using found and recycled materials to produce handmade items, using windfall and allotment produce with recycled jars for jam, chutney and pickle making sessions. Building up herb and flower gardens around the estate, having social swap events, upcycling and repairing clothes to reduce cost.

We are keen collaborators and our events are open to all Bristol Estate residents. Two of the artists are currently interim trustees on the residents association BELTA and they work with residents and artists to lead and support arts projects and opportunities across the estate. Lockdown has changed normal access but presented new ways to work. Recently a project proposal drafted by artists was approved by Trustees to pilot a new community art space on the estate and we are working to open this space for the beginning of June 2021. Find out more about the proposal here

This project depends on volunteers, would you like to get involved? Contact us

Metagraph hopes to resume its quarterly Artist Support Network meetings  'Art Crit' from Sept 2021, these meetings give BN2 5 artist / makers on Bristol Estate and surrounding areas (including  residents who may be making art at home) an opportunity to meet for support and feedback in an informal social space. It is anticipated that future meetings will take place at Art Block, the new community art space.


Louisa Newbury - teacher/artist

Jacqueline Rana - artist/manager/consultant

Giuseppe Iozzi - teacher/consultant/artist

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