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As our world changes, we think we should adapt and change with it. We believe positive individual and collective actions can contribute to improving our environment making us all happier and healthier.


Working together to make sustainable change happen can be social, fun and a way of learning new and useful skills. Examples such as:


Working with the allotment and foraging fruit, herbs and veg

Learning to preserve, pickle and share food resources across the estate

Visually document and record wildlife and ecology on Bristol Estate

Dog walkers meet ups - discover new trails, meet new people

Planting trees

Running waste food events (creating delicious meals from food that might otherwise go to waste)

Food tasting and community cooking events using allotment produce

Printing cards, paper, fabric etc. using recycled materials

Learning to repair and fix items from broken zips to replacing tyres on your bike

Upgrading your wardrobe through clothes swap events

Upcycling furniture and other household items in community swap events

Create mini gardens to rewild spaces around the estate

Set up and maintain new bike sheds and bid to extend the bike share scheme

Campaign for an estate shared Laundry Room

What does sustainability mean?

We understand it as:

‘Enabling people to understand the links between their own lives and those of people throughout the world; increasing understanding of the economic, social, political and environmental forces which shape their lives, developing the skills, attitudes and values which enable people to work together to bring about change and take control of their own lives; and working towards achieving a more just and sustainable world in which power and resources are more equitably shared.’ (DEA 2006)

Environmental breakdown affects all of us and with this in mind we work with residents to equip our community with skills, knowledge and experiences that we think will help our social, environmental and economic well-being, now and in the future. 

How do we do this?  Through collaboration, by sharing our skills and knowledge. By rethinking 'waste' and the materials around us. Everyone can get involved.


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