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In 2008, with support from Brighton & Hove City Council, led by Creative Arts Manager Dany Louise and BECA CIC, seven purpose built, eco-friendly artists’ studios were created on the Bristol Estate in Brighton.  Disused drying spaces underneath some tower blocks were renovated for artists to occupy.

Since establishment, the studios have gone from strength to strength, providing space for local artists to consolidate and develop their practice within the community. Practicing artists from varying disciplines ranging from puppet making  to painting,  develop their practice and provide a range of events and workshops for estate residents.

Helen Cammock one of 2019s Turner Prize winners worked here at Bristol Estate Studios. We are proud of how she and her fellow artists accepted the award as an art collective. Noting each nominee made art about social and political issues of great importance and urgency, the artists state 'The politics we deal with differ greatly and for us it would feel problematic if they were pitted against each other, with the implication that one was more important, significant or more worthy of attention than the others.....This would undermine our individual artistic efforts to show a world entangled. The issues we deal with are as inseparable as climate chaos is from capitalism'

Read more about Helen Cammock here

Artists at Bristol Estate are currently putting together a programme of studio based activity aimed at nurturing and sustaining artist and makers who occupy the studios but also those who make art/craft work at home on the Bristol Estate. Through Artist Support Network Meetings, community events, life drawing and printing workshops the group work to bring this diverse community together.

A new Bristol Estate Artist / Makers website will launch soon.

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