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  • Can anyone sign up for a workshop or attend a meeting?
    If you live on Bristol Estate, you can sign up to attend any meeting, workshop or talk. We have limited places at studio events as the studios are compact - larger events usually take place in the Community Hall If you live on Whitehawk or Manor Farm Estate across Due East get in touch
  • Do I have to pay?
    We strive to make as many events possible free of charge. On some occasions there will be a small entry fee. Please see individual listings for more information
  • Volunteer with Us
    We welcome volunteer help with our events. As part of BECA CIC soon to become a new charity BELTA, we aim to support our volunteers to build new skills and experiences. Look out for our Volunteer Handbook available June 2020. To volunteer: Select become a member, fill in your details and contact us telling us more about your interests Art | Design | Textiles | Print | Food | Social | Ecology
  • Our Place- Brighton Festival
    Our Place 2020 . Our Place is a project that invites the communities of East Brighton and Hangleton and Knoll to explore and celebrate what the idea of Our Place means to them. The project connects makers and artists with estate residents, find out more about this year's project This year Bristol Estate Artist Studios will open to coincide and promote the event. The artists on Bristol Estate are very much part of the community and will be working with resdents to run workshops, talks and events throughout the year - we'll be launching the programme over the Our Place event
  • Artist Support Meetings
    Artist support meetings take place quarterly across Bristol Estate Art Studios. Meet up sessions give artist/makers on the Bristol Estate a place to discuss and reflect on work, gain constructive feedback from each other and learn more about our own interests and ways of working in a supportive peer space. As meetings take place in artist (fairly compact) studios, space is limited meaning a max of seven per meeting, please sign up if you are interested in taking part. The meetings are a springboard in which to create a resource hub for: funding, exhibiting and networking opportunities, recycling unwanted and/or buying bulk materials if required to reduce cost, all ideas welcome. Visit the event page for more information about these events To sign up, please become a member here and register online
  • Life Drawing - Identity
    Clothed model - life drawing (45 mins) 1 x 5 minute warm up pose 1 x 10 minute pose 1 x 20 minute pose Tutored and untutored classes - drawing and recording residents from the estate. No experience required. Please book as places are limited (due to studio space) Still life - flora and fauna still life drawing (45 mins) Draw from flora, fauna and ephemera gathered from around the estate. our aim is to start visually recording the ecology of the estate Still life - Allotment produce, still life drawing (45 mins) Draw from produce gathered from the community allotment. our aim is to record seasonal fruit, veg, herbs and flowers grown throughout the year to develp an allotment garden seasonal producecalender No experience required. Please book as places are limited (due to studio space) Theses classes are geared from ages 11+
  • Printing
    Seasonal Botany Print Workshop (3hrs) The studio hosts 3 hour session lino block print sessions Lino blocks are themed around seasonal flora and fauna (plants and animals/wildlife) on the estate and/or the names of the buildings themselves: Viscaria, Sorrel, Meadowsweet, Jasmine, Hollybrook, Damson, Cherry, Calendula, AllamandaBlock Participants can choose to create a block from scratch or use a ready made artist block to print from Using recycled materials we'll print cards, wrapping paper, labels and textiles
  • Can I insert pictures in my FAQ?
    Yes! To add a picture follow these simple steps: Enter App Settings Click the "Manage Questions" button Click on the question you would like to attach a picture to When editing your answer, click on the picture icon and then add an image from your library
  • Why sustainable?
    We believe positive individual and collective actions can contribute to improving our environment making us all happier and healthier. Working together to make sustainable changes can be social, fun and a way of learning new and useful skills. Examples such as: Working with the allotment and foraging fruit, herbs and veg Learning to preserve, pickle and share food resources across the estate Visually documentating and recording the wildlife and ecology on Bristol Estate Dog walkers meet ups - discover new trails, meet new people Planting trees Running waste food events (creating delicious meals from food that might otherwise go to waste) Printing cards, paper, fabric etc. using recycled materials Learning to repair and fix items from broken zips to replacing tyres on your bike Upgrading your wardrobe with clothes swap events Upcycling furniture and other household items in community swap events Create mini gardens around the estate Setting up and maintaining bike sheds and bidding for a new bike share scheme And lots more...
  • Sharing resources
    Our community spaces provide opportunities to share resources. From picking up new skills and advice, car sharing schemes, ordering bulk buy groceries, learning to cook, sharing useful equipment. Have a look at the Alterpub project to get ideas for how community space can be used as resource hubs
  • Campaigns
    7,705 people live across Whitehawk, Manor Park and Bristol Estate -that's a lot of voices. Together we can decide to make positive changes to how we live and the opportunities open to us. Through our art and sustainable project work we encourage people to get involved in areas that matter to them, to share their concerns, hopes and plans for now and the future. Community worker help through Serendipity supports how community residents can shape their future. Check Due east for more information about local campaigns For more information about the area - download the latest Neighbourhood plan
  • Food sustainability
    Bristol Estate has a fantastic Community Allotment, Beresford Road, Brighton. The Allotment is overseen by Bryan Coyle who is planning a range of exciting activites, find out more by visitng the Bristol Estate Community Room or contacting Bryan. Allotment produce is also shared at the Community Kitchen/Cafe - 146a Donald Hall Road, this cafe rated 5/5 by Brighton & Hove City Council Food Hygiene offers an excellent value breakfast, the cafe also has free wifi.
  • Ecology
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  • Transport
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  • Clothes Swap
    Clothes and more Swap Why buy disposable when you can swap sustainable Look out for our Swap Events taking place at Bristol Community Room. Residents can register up to 3 items to swap at the Community Room social, any item in clean, good condition is accepted. Only bring wearable usable items that you would give to a good friend Unopened food items, Books, CDs, new unwrapped cosmetic items, accessories a are allso accepted. See the events page for more guidance
  • Food tasting
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  • Allotment opportunities
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  • Preserves and Pickles
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